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Founded in 1933, the International Rescue Committee is a world leader in relief, rehabilitation and post-conflict development services for those uprooted or affected by violent conflict and oppression. The IRC is currently working in over 25 countries around the world, addressing both the immediate and lifesaving needs of conflict affected people in emergencies and the reconstruction needs of post-conflict societies.

The IRC has been working in Uganda since 1998 supporting IDPs, refugees and local communities. IRC Uganda has it country office in Kampala and regional offices in Kit gum Moroto, and Yumbe. The current program portfolio includes health, protection and rule of law, women’s protection and empowerment, and economic recovery and development programming.


The IRC and IRC workers must adhere to the values and principles outlined in IRC Way. Standards for Professional Conduct.  These are Integrity, Service, and Accountability.  In accordance with these values, the IRC operates and enforces policies on Beneficiary Protection from Exploitation and Abuse, Child Safeguarding, Anti Workplace Harassment, Fiscal Integrity, and Anti-Retaliation.



Requisition ID: req8841
Job Title: Ambulance Drivers
Sector: Health
Employment Category: Regular
Employment Type: Full-Time
Open to Expatriates: No
Location: Imvepi, Uganda
Deadline: May 1st, 2020

The position will also be responsible for the transportation of patients and ensuring proper maintenance of the vehicles as well as provide additional support to the health team especially during referrals.

Position Reports to: Supply chain Assistant
Position directly supervises:  None
Other Internal and/or external contacts:
Internal: IRC staff, Health worker
External: patients

▪︎ Inspect and record the condition of the vehicle on a daily basis; prepare weekly maintenance checklist.
▪︎ Ensure timely servicing and maintenance of IRC vehicles (complete service request forms and maintain service maintenance records); report to head driver any mechanical problems.
▪︎ Ensure vehicle is insured and all legal documents are in order at all times; inform Fleet assistant three weeks in advance of any renewals due (i.e. insurance, road license, etc.).
▪︎ Conduct daily assessments of road conditions and security situation.
▪︎ Drive Patients, Care givers and staff in a safe and courteous manner to during referrals
▪︎ Operate HF and VHF mobile radio equipment.
▪︎ Maintain cleanliness of interior/exterior of vehicle.
▪︎ Give accurate reconciliation within the given period.
▪︎ Obey IRC vehicle policy and operating procedures at all times (use of logbook, no drinking and driving, signing out vehicle on vehicle registry and so on).
▪︎ Assist with other duties as assigned by the supervisor(s).

▪︎ Minimum O- Level Certificate;  A- Level Certificate an added advantage;
▪︎ Valid  driver’s license with classes ”A, B, CM,CH,DL and D M.”;
▪︎ Good driving record; Minimum four years driving experience;
▪︎ Knowledge of Codan radio equipment
▪︎ Fluent in English; NGO experience; Kiswahili language skills and knowledge of mechanics preferred.



Requisition ID: req8834
Job Title: Finance Manager
Sector: Finance
Employment Category: Regular
Employment Type: Full-Time
Open to Expatriates: No
Location: Yumbe, Uganda
Deadline: 29th April 2020.

The Finance Manager will be the head of financial matters in the Yumbe field office. The position will supervise a Senior Finance Officer and Finance Officer. The position will be responsible for budgets preparations and budget monitoring, cash flows and cash forecasts, financial reporting, staff/partner training and capacity building and overseeing day to day running of the field finance office.


Field Finance Reporting
▪︎ Ensure that the month is closed on 25th for all months but September, which is a fiscal year closing month in IRC on 30th.
▪︎ Ensure that all cash books are closed and cash count conducted on 25th of the month.
▪︎ Ensure that all bank books are closed and the period bank statements as at 31st are obtained at the month end.
▪︎ Ensure all advances are reconciled at the month end as per advance policy.
▪︎ Ensure that all outstanding invoices are paid before the end of the month to ensure they are recorded within the same month they are incurred.
▪︎ Ensure that the financial reports are submitted to Kampala finance department on the 3rd of the next month for all months except September.
▪︎ Ensure accrual transactions are cleared on time

Donor Reporting           
▪︎ Ensuring donor regulations are adhered to for all aspects of the operations
▪︎ Ensure that BvAs are reviewed and review meetings are held timely. to relevant parties on time and accurately. Initiate recoding for cost wrongly charged
▪︎ Identification of procedural or training issues to be addressed to improve the quality of report data.
▪︎ Prepare donor reports and submit for Kampala office review

Training & Support
▪︎ Liaising with the country office for policy or procedure questions
▪︎ Training staff on IRC accounting procedures and requirements, assists the Field Coordinator and program staff in finance related issues and activities.
▪︎ Review of financial data submitted, identify weaknesses or problems being encountered by program and operations staff and recommend corrective action.
▪︎ Train field managers on budget tracking, review burn rates and provide advise if spending is not happening according to plan.
▪︎ Prepare key performance areas for staff reporting directly under you and conduct performance appraisal
▪︎ Communicate with Finance Controller on security issues within the office and outside the office.
▪︎ Report to the Finance Controller any irregularities that occur within the IRC office, staff compound and camps on policy and procedures.

Bank & Cash Management
▪︎ Oversee weekly petty cash counts
▪︎ Supervision of the processing of bank, M-Pesa and cash transactions.
▪︎ Ensuring internal control procedures are followed for all cash & mobile money disbursements, receipts and transfers
▪︎ Oversee the maintenance of an accurate and updated cash flow report. Get updates from the Finance Officer/Assistant weekly
▪︎ Liaison with bank officials to resolve problems or facilitate improved service.
▪︎ Ensuring that all banks are immediately updated on changes to bank signatories
▪︎ Be the contact person for all bank correspondences.
▪︎ Prepare the bank reconciliation for the field office monthly

Cash Forecasting           
▪︎ Preparation of cash forecasts and CTR for ARUA and submitting it on the 20th of every month
▪︎ Monitoring cash usage and requirements and advise the Finance Country office of possible unusual activity or requirements
▪︎ Working with field and program coordinators to help them develop more accurate cash forecasts
▪︎ Ensure that the sufficiency of bank reserves at all times for the Kakuma bank account.

Internal Control             
▪︎ Reviews of controls and monitoring of compliance with established procedures.
▪︎ Preparation of written reports which identify key issues and provide recommendations for improving control processes or procedures

▪︎ Review funding allocations to enable proper guidance to programs and proper coding.
▪︎ Closely monitor all grants to ensure that no grants are overspent or under spent through checking of over/under expenditure on the Budget vs. Actuals reports.
▪︎ Working with program staff to prepare grant budgets to support new proposals or realignments to ensure adequate coverage of field operating costs.
▪︎ Review of actual vs. budget results to ensure maximum utilization of budgeted amounts and to provide recommendations for realignments as required.
▪︎ Attend Grant Opening, BvA review and Closing Meetings
▪︎ Ensure that all accruals at grant closure are accurate, valid and are promptly liquidated.
▪︎ Work on KKM filed office salary map and submit for NBO review             

Staff Management       
▪︎ Daily supervision and review of the workflow processes for efficiency
▪︎ Prepare a standard work schedule to act as a guide.
▪︎ Regular and open communication with IRC staff from all departments.
▪︎ Represent the finance department in the weekly tender committee meetings when nominated to do so.
▪︎ Willing and ready to participate in field staff exchange programs.

▪︎ Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration majoring in Accounting, Bachelor’s degree in Commerce.
▪︎ Professional qualification (ACCA / CPA) is an added advantage.
▪︎ Minimum of 5 years in accounting experience preferably with NGO.
▪︎ Computer literate with significant experience in excel, accounting package knowledge (SUN system) will be an added advantage.
▪︎ Good written and verbal skills in the English language.
▪︎ Ability to carry out responsibilities independently with minimal technical support.
▪︎ Must be a patient and good communicator who can function in an organizational environment involving a diversity of cultures, languages, and personal interests and agendas.
▪︎ The candidate should be mature, with stable personality and ability to maintain confidentiality.

This position is open only to Ugandan nationals.



Requisition ID: req8868
Job Title: Registered Psychiatric Nurse
Sector: Health
Employment Category: Regular
Employment Type: Full-Time
Open to Expatriates: No
Location: Imvepi, Uganda
Deadline: May 6th,2020.

Under supervision of psychiatric clinical officer, the Psychiatric nurse will provide professional nursing care to emotionally disturbed and/or mentally ill patients for Behavioral Health and Recovery Services; to work with clinical and case management staff to coordinate care and assist in treatment plans for clients; and to perform related work.

Direct supervisor: Psychiatric Clinical Officer.
Technical support: Psychiatric Clinical Officer, Health facility In-charge
Other: Logistics, finance, admin staff.

Govt. of Uganda: District Health Team and other district officials
Consortium Members:
Other: NGOs, INGOs and UN agencies working in the project region


Technical duties:
▪︎ Conducts intake assessments through interviews with patients and relatives to gather case history.
▪︎ Plans and provides nursing care for patients.
▪︎ Makes nursing diagnosis of the medical and emotional status of patients and recommend treatment options.
▪︎ Consults with psychiatrists and other behavioral health staff in designing appropriate treatment plans for clients.
▪︎ Administers and notes reactions to psychotropic drugs and other medications.
▪︎ Arranges further medical attention when necessary.
▪︎ Assists the client in understanding the nature of emotional disturbances and accepting the need for treatment.
▪︎ Assists in maintaining a safe and secure environment for staff and patients.
▪︎ Test for vital signs of pain and ensures treatments of pain.
▪︎ Documents all patient information on medical charts and follows physician’s written orders.
▪︎ Maintains patient confidentiality.
▪︎ Maintains accurate records and documentation of patient treatments, immunizations and laboratory results according to standard medical record keeping.
▪︎ Performs administrative assignments such as filing, answering phones, typing, and completing progress notes in the filing system.
▪︎ Provides courteous, high quality service to patients and members of the public by personal responding to requests for service or making appropriate referral 

▪︎ Provide regular feedback to the Psychiatric Clinical Officer on mental health activity implementation at the Health facility;
▪︎ Assist in preparation of reports;
▪︎ Participate in the development and implementation of program work plans.

▪︎ Must have a diploma in Psychiatric nursing from a recognized institution
▪︎ Must be registered with the relevant professional council.
▪︎ At least three years working experience in Primary Health Care settings:
▪︎ Experience in planning, organizing and coordinating Psychiatric health activities;
▪︎ Experience in Information management

Skills and Abilities:
▪︎ Having concern for quality and standards, and ethics and integrity;
▪︎ Good communication skills;
▪︎ Ability to enhance good interpersonal relationship;
▪︎ Good report writing skills;
▪︎ Good knowledge and application of Microsoft word, Excel and Power Point.


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