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In most  cases, we usually wait for vacancies to be announced and then send our applications. But sometimes we can send applications to companies even if they have not advertised any vacancy.
The rationale behind doing this as;
▪︎ To be identified for future vacancies.
▪︎ To remove a pile up of applications for the hiring companies and spot you immediately.

Now this is what we call a Cold Call application. 

In this article we shall share with you the insights of this application so that you may want to use it in your job hunting cycle.


What is a Cold call application?

This  is  an application that you send to a company that have not advertised any job vacancy.
Sending these applications provides you with an opportunity to be considered by the company for employment. But since sending these types of applications take time, it's a good idea to only send cold call applications to companies that you are very interested in working for.

What type of applications do you send in Cold Call applications?

Remember that the goal of these applications is to get the company's attention and show that you're a great candidate. So like ordinary applications,  application letters/ cover letters and resumes/ cvs are sent in this method of application.

What is the challenge faced in sending these types of applications?

The challenge in sending these types of applications  is to give your reader a broad introduction to your skills, qualifications,
employment experience, achievements, credentials, and other notable
traits that you anticipate will trigger their interest in you and make them
offer you the opportunity since they are not referred to any job vacancy.

What characterizes these types of applications?

Since these types of applications are not referring to a description of a job vacancy. When sending them you should consider 2 things.

▪︎ Clarity. Focus on creating a clear picture of yourself and your most notable attributes, skills, experiences, and qualifications. It is essential to quickly communicate this information, particularly when the com pany has not advertised for the type of position you are seeking.

▪︎ Impact. Again, because these applications are not in response to a specific opportunity, it is critical that they immediately and powerfully  connect with the reader and move him to action to consider you.
An effective way to motivate a response is to identify yourself as the solution to the company’s problems or needs.

How to write and send these types of applications?

Firstly these types of applications are like ordinary applications. The difference is that you are  sending applications to connect yourself not in response to a job adversiment.

So they include Application letters and Resumes.

What are the  things to consider/ include when sending Cold call application letter?

The APPLICATION letter in this method follows the basic formats but there are additional things to consider that are quite a different from ordinary application letters.  You should consider the following tips.

▪︎ In your letter, convey your interest in the organization, identify your most relevant skills and experience, and explain what you would offer the organization.
Particularly since you're sending unsolicited correspondence, you should have a strong pitch or thesis statement for why you're worth considering.

▪︎ Be clear about why you'd be an asset. This is where research comes in: You want to connect the company's needs and goals with your skills and abilities. Show how you're well-suited to help the company achieve its mission.

▪︎ It's great to say you have a proven track record. Include any evidence such as links or attachments that you have done and any other relevant evidence of your work.

▪︎ Conclude your letter by offering next steps, such as a potential time for a follow-up call or a request for an interview or conversation. While your goal may ultimately be a job interview, smaller requests, such as an informational interview, tour of the company, or request for information on the next job fair, may more readily be granted.

Is it worth to send a cold call application?

Sending call cold applications require much time to know the insights of a company your sending to.

Know that, Much of the success of a cold call application depends on timing, your understanding of the company, and the quality of your application documents. This technique is most likely to be successful when you're truly passionate about a company and believe you'd be an asset.

If you apply persuasively and convey clearly why the company needs someone like you, it can be far more attention-getting than one of many emails in a pile of applications responding to a posted advertisement.

What should you do before sending a Cold call application?

Before sending a cold call application, do your research. As well as knowing the company, you'll want to send your application to.




Independent School  such as xxx require a hardworking, organized administrative staff to ensure that the school runs successfully and efficiently. My administrative experience and organizational skills would help contribute to the long history of success at xxxx school.

I have extensive administrative experience in an academic setting. For the past two years I have worked at the xyz school, where I alternated between running activities for the children and answering phones, scheduling parent-teacher meetings, and performing other organizational tasks.

I also served as an intern for the principal of BBB school undertaking a variety of office assignments while also observing firsthand the day-to-day duties of an academic administrator.

I have attached my resume, and would love to speak with you regarding how I could make a significant contribution to XXX daily operations.

I believe that extensive administrative skills is essential  for the prospering of a school and directly contributes to its success. If you share this commitment and could benefit from my proven skills, we should schedule time to explore your needs and what i have to offer.  When would it be convenient to meet for an interview?



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