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Plan International is an independent development and humanitarian organisation that advances children’s rights and equality for girls.

We believe in the power and potential of every child. But this is often suppressed by poverty, violence, exclusion and discrimination. And it’s girls who are most affected.

Working together with children, young people, our supporters and partners, we strive for a just world, tackling the root causes of the challenges facing girls and all vulnerable children.

We support children’s rights from birth until they reach adulthood. And we enable children to prepare for – and respond to – crises and adversity. We drive changes in practice and policy at local, national and global levels using our reach, experience and knowledge.

We have been building powerful partnerships for children for over 80 years, and are now active in more than 70 countries.



Location: Nkasi Rukwa
Reports to: Project Accountant
Grade: C1

To manage the corporate financial information system at Nkasi Rukwa PU and ensure compliance and internal controls are adhered to in the procurement and payment process.
Enhance the financial capabilities of the Nkasi Rukwa PU Finance team and Partners to effectively manage budgets.
S/he also facilitates the capacity building of the partners finance staff on compliance and to ensure timely advance settlement & payment.

▪︎ Reports to Finance Coordinator
▪︎ Works in collaboration with Finance Coordinator, program staff at program unit, and other implementing partners.
▪︎ Provide coordination and support program implementation to the program unit manager and the community in the financial matters
▪︎ Compliance with statutory or regulatory requirements including taxation


Cash and budget management:
▪︎ Review Payment requests and process cheques to suppliers and various partners and pack them in the SAP accounting system
▪︎ Monitor bank balances and prepare cash projections for weekly cash transfers
▪︎ Disbursement of petty cash fund as per approved petty cash request
▪︎ Jointly responsible for safe which is the custody for cheque books, signed cheques not collected and other sensitive items
▪︎ Ensure all financial commitments are within the budget limits. 
▪︎ Ensure timely processing and disbursement of payments to legitimate suppliers.
▪︎ Prepare bank reconciliation and monthly financial reports
▪︎ Manage Partners and staff advances and up-to date staff advance register
▪︎ Receive and issue receipts for refunds from staff, Partners and others
▪︎ Prepare and File Payment and Journal vouchers and other financial documents to their appropriate files.

Financial reporting:
▪︎ Manage general ledger accounting system
▪︎ Prepare monthly Financial statements incl. Bank reconciliation, staff and community advances and reconcile these statements and records with General Ledger
▪︎ Monitor the advances register and Partner advances
▪︎ Ensure Accountability in Preparation, review, consolidation and submission of correct and complete Program unit Financial reports on time
▪︎ Assist in preparation and coordination of  audit activities at the PU and ensure the availability of any audit document needed.
▪︎ Participate in year-end process and assist in  preparation of  year end reports

Internal Financial Controls enhancement:
▪︎ Ensure adherence to financial controls, processes and procedures.
▪︎ Follow up finance-related audit actions

Field Support Visit:
▪︎ Support in training of Partners in financial and record maintenance as and when required.
▪︎ Verification of direct benefits distribution to communities

Dealing with Problems:
▪︎ Working in partnership with different organisation culture and ensure Program results are achieved timely without compromising with quality
▪︎ Complexity of problems handled and the degree of investigation, analysis, and creative thinking required for solving them.
▪︎ Working with the PU team and ensure Projects results are achieved timely without compromising with quality
▪︎ Plan and schedule own work, interpreting instructions and selecting appropriate methods/tools for delivery.
▪︎ Operate in a high-pressure deadline-driven environment with professionalism
▪︎ Working effectively in multiple communities and environment
▪︎ Operating in remote and with vulnerable communities
▪︎ Promotes innovation and learning
▪︎ Communicates clearly and effectively
▪︎ Appreciation of child rights and Gender
▪︎ Any other duties assigned by your supervisor.

Communications and Working Relationships:

Medium level of relationship:
▪︎ Contacts with donors during donor visits
▪︎ NO representatives during field visits

▪︎ A degree in Accounting or equivalent qualification
▪︎ At least 1 year experience on Accounting
▪︎ Intermediate professional qualification recognised by NBAA
▪︎ In-depth knowledge of the Finance and accounting   preferably in Non-profit making organisation

▪︎ Analytical and problem solving skills
▪︎ Excellent communication skills appropriate to the audience
▪︎ Proficient Computer skills and use of relevant accounting packages
▪︎ Ability to work under harsh condition
▪︎ Ability to work under multidisciplinary and multicultural environment
▪︎ Good English language skills(oral /written )

▪︎ Hardworking with capacity to work independently with minimum supervision
▪︎ Honest, integrity, open and transparent personality.
▪︎ Team player
▪︎ Working towards achieving a team goal
▪︎ Be able to Respect all groups of people in the community and culturally sensitive
▪︎ Persuasive and able to work with different cultural settings
▪︎ Motivated, energetic and strives to develop and support others
▪︎ Result oriented
▪︎ Working for the best interest of the organisation and children
▪︎ Appreciate of child rights and gender

▪︎ Program Unit & Country Office.
▪︎ Rukwa - Nkasi Program Unit Manager, Uzazi Salama Finance Coordinators, CO Finance
▪︎ External & Internal Auditors where applicable
▪︎ Project Implementing Partners
▪︎ Functional networks within Plan

▪︎ Working environment will include both typical office environment and field environment.



Location: Kibondo, Kigoma
Reports to: Procurement & Logistics Manager
Grade: C2

The role is operational level for the ER program will focus on the implementation of the day to day procurement and logistics activities to ensure improved programme delivery, operational efficiency, compliance with Plan International policies and procedures for the following:
▪︎ Coordinate and Implement the Supply Chain Policies and Procedures
▪︎ Effective Procurement Tracking
▪︎ Fleet Coordination and Fleet System Management
▪︎ Property and fixed asset register maintenance
▪︎ Security and emergency procurement


Coordinate and Implement the Supply Chain Policies and Procedures:
▪︎ In collaboration with the tender panel, prepare request for quotation, invite the price quotation, coordinate the opening and evaluation of the bids, conduct the price analysis together with tender panel members for the review by the Procurement and Logistics Manager before final approval by the ERM or designee
▪︎ Ensure procurement transactions have adequate and accurate supporting documentation and proper filing to ensure compliance with Plan International policies and procedures
▪︎ Assist to carry out a market scan for goods and services for programmes delivery
▪︎ Implement the procurement and logistics policies and procedures
▪︎ Work with the storekeeper to ensure appropriate supplies storage mode and efficient distribution mechanisms and make any recommendations to the procurement and logistics manager when any improvement is needed
▪︎ Expediting and tracking purchase orders.
▪︎ Compile suppliers Invoices and ensure weekly submission to Finance for payment.
▪︎ Ensuring that goods and services are purchased at the right price, time, from the right source and delivered at right destination
▪︎ Responsible for submission/sharing of the weekly procurement tracker  every Friday (to budget holders, ERM and DERM) to keep the team updated and identifying any gaps for any corrective measures
▪︎ Follow up and ensures that all outstanding purchase orders are delivered by the due date.
▪︎ Work with storekeeper to establish stock re order levels and share reports to procurement and Logistics manager.

Fleet Coordination and Fleet System Management:
▪︎ Monthly update of the fleet system with fleet details, fuel and maintenance data, prepare monthly fleet reports for fuel, maintenance and services,
▪︎ carry out analysis for fuel consumption and fleet cost analysis for review by the Procurement and Logistics Manager before submission to ERM and the administration coordinator at Country Office.
▪︎ Monitor and track fleet accidents, ensure timely and accurate preparation of accident/incident reports to the Procurement and logistics manager.
▪︎ Manage staff transport requests at all times for efficient usage of the vehicles and trip planning including managing weekly trip requests from the team.
▪︎ Ensure all Plan vehicles are fully licensed and insured according to local laws.
▪︎ Ensure all PU vehicles/ three-wheelers are parked at a safe and secure place.

Property and Fixed Asset Register Maintenance:
▪︎ Responsible for assets reporting at any time on the technical condition, maintenance needs, lifetime/expiry (replacement, retirement), usage and returns of all physical assets including vehicles, (rented) compounds, buildings and their technical infrastructure to the Procurement and Logistics Manager
▪︎ Ensures all precautions for asset and office security are maintained by the security guards and other staff
▪︎ Keep record of rented premises and ensure on time renewals and payments.
▪︎ Ensure that all Plan emergence response assets recorded in the asset register and update accordingly.

Security Management and Implementation of Policies:
▪︎ Day to day monitoring of safety and security situation in the office, report and issues that requires action to the Procurement and Logistics Manager
▪︎ Produce monthly security situation report end of each month

Child Protection:
▪︎ Ensure that all contract entered by suppliers adhere to the child protection issues.
▪︎ Ensure that all suppliers/service providers sign the child protection policy before commencement of any service.
▪︎ Promotes and abides by internal policies and procedures including but not limited to: Child Protection Policy; Code of Conduct; mandatory reporting responsibility.

Information and coordination:
▪︎ Identifies and proposes innovative processes for PU procurement and Logistics operations
▪︎ Collaborate with other Procurement and logistics staff at the PUs and CO to strengthen quality of Plan Tanzania Procurement and Logistics Operations.
▪︎ Successfully handles multiple operations tasks and initiatives.
▪︎ Promotes innovation and learning

▪︎ University degree/advanced diploma in Procurement and Supply chain Management, Procurement and Logistics.
▪︎ minimum of 3 years of practical experience in similar role at a reputable organization.
▪︎ Qualifications and experience in transport/fleet management is added advantage
▪︎ A professional qualification and membership of recognized purchasing and supplies institution.
▪︎ Procurement experience for donor funded projects
▪︎ Fluent in English and Kiswahili languages

▪︎ Analytical and problem solving skills
▪︎ Excellent communication skills
▪︎ Strong team player and motivational skills
▪︎ Strong negotiating and influencing skills
▪︎ Proficient in computer skills

▪︎ Models and promotes efficient services.
▪︎ Instil customer care attitude in teams.
▪︎ Promotes the development of effective systems and policies
▪︎ Promotes innovation and learning.
▪︎ Clear and effective communication.
▪︎ Models integrity.
▪︎ Builds motivated, proactive, effective and committed teams in all the support areas.
▪︎ To model best practices and excellence in support services delivery to plan and partners.
▪︎ Products and services comply with quality standards
▪︎ Ambitious, realistic and action oriented.

Level of contact with children:
▪︎ Occasional interaction with children

▪︎ The position will be based in Kibondo and frequent travel to the field.



Location: Kibondo and Nyarugusu
Reports to: Procurement & Logistics Manager
Grade: B

▪︎ Liaises with program teams on incoming items and ensures these are received, stored and distributed to beneficiaries according to the project guidelines.
▪︎ Monitors performance of the service provided by stores to other teams and gives/guidance to managers in specialist areas.
▪︎ Manages high value stocks, assets and stores processes.
▪︎ Regular communication is required internally (with line manager, team managers and coordinators, other warehouse providers (UNHCR, WFP, other INGOs) and external transporters and contractors.


General emergency program logistics:
▪︎ Understand the overall needs and timelines of project demands, including key activities that require focused warehouse planning as communicated by the programming teams.
▪︎ To responsible for providing information and knowledge and promoting Plan International’s principles and ways of working, code of conduct, gender mainstreaming and make sure its demonstrated or promoted by all associated with stores.
▪︎ Ensure that the warehouse function is fully and strategically integrated in development and implementation of humanitarian programs/projects
▪︎ Oversee management of the warehouse (s) and of decentralised/prepositioned stocks held with partners & vendors.
▪︎ Ensure that the warehouse(s) provide(s) an efficient storage and supply of equipment to Plan International programmes and advise the logistics manager and Emergency Response Manager on levels of stock and condition of goods through careful monitoring and supervision.
▪︎ Obtain information from logistics manager and liaise closely with other team members throughout the assessment, planning, design and implementation stages of all activities. on field offices requests (items, time of delivery etc.)
▪︎ Through the use of transporters ensure a smooth loading & unloading operation, timely availability of trucks, ensuring transporter services are well covered. This needs to include communication on workload/ loading plans, paper trail handling, transit loss handling, accurate & timeous & correctly Invoicing, payments & grievance handling according to the specific donor & organisational guidelines.
▪︎ Ensure donor compliance issues are well covered in the warehouse operations/management including but not limited to ensuring adequate audit trail, commodity tracking & constant liaison with the donor field representatives etc.
▪︎ Ensure adequate and efficient commodity transport arrangements at all times
▪︎ Ensure adequate controls at all times including maintaining a buffer stock/re-order level to minimise/avoid stock outs
▪︎ Monthly warehousing & stock reporting according to the specific donor guideline & organisational standards
▪︎ Support in the development of Programme warehouse plan(s) covering all critical aspects including the end of project issues like resourcing (staff & equipment), asset & stock disposal plan, Health & Safety aspects among others.
▪︎ Support the ERM and Logistics Manager to manage and arrange disposal of obsolete and excess stock

Maintenance of the store(s) and equipment:
▪︎ Perform general supervising housekeeping duties, ensuring the office building and yard are kept tidy at all times
▪︎ Be responsible for the layout within store areas, making sure these are clean, tidy and free of pests.
▪︎ Ensure the necessary equipment is readily available for proper warehouse management (stationary, pallets, bags, boxes, tapes, labels, loading material, repair kits, etc.

▪︎ Ensures correct receipt of goods (adequate checking of deliveries of goods for quality and quantity ensuring correct recording of details on relevant/appropriate forms. (GRNs, Waybill or Delivery Note)
▪︎ Ensures that all goods are stored and packed safely and securely.
▪︎ Ensures that stock levels are recorded correctly on bin cards
▪︎ Ensure Goods Received, Stock Issue Notes and Waybills are completed and correctly filed daily.
▪︎ To manage all bulk Fuel receipt, storage and dispatch keeping accurate fuel monitoring records

▪︎ Ensure the issue of goods from stock only on receipt of an authorised stock request form.
▪︎ Liaise with the Programme teams & other logistics team members on the distribution plans for the development of loading plans.
▪︎ Liaise with transporters, programme teams & the rest of the Logistics team on the trucks for loading and distribution
▪︎ Ensure that the correct documents are produced for the dispatch of goods. (All items/equipment/materials leaving the warehouse must be issued with a Waybill signed by the Transporters and returned with the signature of the Receiver)
▪︎ Ensure correct loading and unloading of trucks.
▪︎ Organise the manual loading and unloading of trucks when necessary.
▪︎ Reporting and documentation
▪︎ Produce & submit regular stock count records and stock movement reports
▪︎ Compile monthly stock reports, and ensure that discrepancies in stock levels are reported timeously
▪︎ Produce donor warehouse reports or provide input for donor reports as and when required
▪︎ Maintain proper, chronological filing of all warehouse documents including the Bin Cards.

Health and Safety, Security and Cleanliness:
▪︎ Ensure that all health and safety procedures are understood and followed by all who use the warehouses.
▪︎ Be responsible for the security of the warehouse and the stock.
▪︎ Be responsible for the eradication of rodents and insect infestations and fungi development and to maintain a zero tolerance level.
▪︎ Be responsible for maintenance of the warehouse building and all equipment.
▪︎ To ensure the warehouse and compound are tidy and clean.

▪︎ To verify/check casual labourers attendance sheets for payment & ensure timely payments.

▪︎ Diploma in Store keeping or Diploma in Procurement and Supply chain Management/ Logistics as aminimum education qualification.
▪︎ minimum of 2 years of practical experience in similar role at a reputable organization.
▪︎ Procurement experience for donor funded projects, experience in refugee setting is added advantage.
▪︎ Experienced in system-based stores management, inventory management and reporting.
▪︎ Fluent in English and Kiswahili languages

▪︎ Team working skills
▪︎ Flexibility in tasks undertaken
▪︎ Ability to work under pressure and deadlines
▪︎ Accuracy on figures and paying attention to detail
▪︎ Analytical and problem solving skills
▪︎ Strong team player and motivational skills
▪︎ Proficient in computer skills
▪︎ Commitment to humanitarian principles and action
▪︎ Knowledge of various key donor guidelines and procedures

▪︎ Works with minimum supervision
▪︎ Reliable team member
▪︎ Fast, efficient and accurate
▪︎ Fully capable of performing all aspects of job
▪︎ Eager and able to assume more difficult work
▪︎ Proactive approach to problem solving

▪︎ Models and promotes efficient services and instil customer care attitude in teams.
▪︎ Promotes the development of effective systems and policies
▪︎ Promotes innovation and learning, Ambitious, realistic and action oriented.
▪︎ Clear and effective communication/Excellent communication skills
▪︎ Models integrity.
▪︎ Builds motivated, proactive, effective and committed teams in all the support areas.
▪︎ Model best practices and excellence in support services delivery to plan and partners.
▪︎ Products and services comply with quality standards

▪︎ Reports to the Procurement and Logistics Manager;
▪︎ Supports the Child Protection, Youth and Education in Emergencies team in the timely distribution of startup kits, items for incentive workers and non-food items (NFIs)
▪︎ Interacts with all Program staff, partners and Government Staff
▪︎ Works closely with Finance, Admin, ICT and HR staff as required

 ▪︎ The post holder will be working 50% of his/her time at the camps and 50% at the office.

Level of contact with children: 
▪︎ Occasional interaction with children  

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