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New Job Opportunity at Lyra In Africa- Tanzania| June 2020


Position: Digital Learning Program Officer 
Employer: Lyra In Africa- Tanzania
Location: Iringa region
Deadline: Sunday 7th June 2020. 

About Lyra in Africa- Tanzania
Lyra works in the Iringa Region of Tanzania. Situated in East Africa, Tanzania's economy is based largely on agriculture. It has the lowest rate of high school enrolment in Africa. Tanzania is a stable country with annual economic growth of over 6% since 2000. But there is a disconnect between urban and rural economies. National growth has not reduced poverty in rural areas where subsistence farming is the main activity. Many rural families are stuck in a poverty trap.

We work to adress these problems in two ways:
▪︎ Investing in girls' education.
Educating girls = Smaller, healthier, better educated, and more prosperous families
▪︎ Investing in community enterprise, particularly women. So that families can access training and credit for higher income initiatives.

About the position

Direct Reporting Line: National Director
Salary: Negotiable


Digital Learning - Supervision and Support:
▪︎ Coordinate all Lyra’s digital learning activities
▪︎ Design and implement a coaching/training guide for the Lyra DL Program for teachers to ensure that they use DL as part of their classroom teaching to ease their day to day work
▪︎ Design and implement a guide to coaching/training for students on how to use the DL platform to search for content, perform quizzes and watch educational videos and other resources, in order to increase both group and self-study. Additional focus to be given to Hostel Girls
▪︎ Design and Implement a guide for training student leaders in each class (form 1 - 4), who will be supporting their fellow students to navigate the educational resources
▪︎ Provide training to DL Mentor Girls, who will be long term supporters of the DL program
▪︎ Review and update a Coding training guide to be used for successful implementation of the Lyra Coding Program in schools
▪︎ Collect training data, prepare and submit reports to your line manager at the end of each training programme
▪︎ Formulate schedules for training to all Lyra supported schools and other beneficiaries of our DL program in a cost-effective manner
▪︎ Prepare and coordinate the Lyra Tech Annual Event in line with the Africa Code Week
▪︎ Coordinate participation of Lyra DL team from schools in approved annual tech events, such as the Girls Entrepreneurship Summit in Dar es salaam
▪︎ Coordinate and write stories using Lyra’s format for capturing stories as will be guided by your line manager

Hostels Specific:
▪︎ Coordinate and ensure collection of data in all Lyra Hostels, to ensure that at all times the organization is aware of the current status of all the Hostels in terms of occupancy, contact details for the Hostel Parents Committee and Matron
▪︎ Update data in the Lyra database for girls provided with food support and monitor their academic performance

▪︎ Perform technical work, including where required, software and hardware preparation, installation and troubleshooting
▪︎ Maintain a database of all Lyra DL Equipment for tracking
▪︎ Travel to Lyra schools to conduct hardware and software installations and preventive maintenance
▪︎ Research and suggest alternative technical solutions to meet technical needs of Lyra schools to increase efficiency of DL programs expand usage by both teachers and students
▪︎ Assist fellow DL team members, including volunteers, digital mentors, teachers and student leaders in technical backstopping, to ensure continued delivery of the DL program

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning:
▪︎ Participate actively in the development and implementation of the MEL plan
▪︎ In collaboration with the Lyra MEL team, contribute to the technical design of MEL methodologies for the DL program
▪︎ Design and implement regular data collection, storage, analysis and reports
▪︎ Provide support in collection of data by other lyra staff, volunteers, digital mentors, teachers and student leaders
▪︎ Ensure quality of data collection through validation and verification
▪︎ Ensure information from MEL activities is properly analyzed and written up for reporting and learning

▪︎ Coordinate and communicate regularly with your line manager and team
▪︎ Responsible for weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting
▪︎ Ensure all relevant DL team members including volunteers, digital mentors, teachers and student leaders, are adequately trained to provide support needed for coaching, training, data collection and related tasks

▪︎ Producing accurate and timely DL program status reports
▪︎ Manage the image of the organization to clients, partners and other DL stakeholders
▪︎ Manage communication between Lyra and its partners, clients and other stakeholders
▪︎ Communicate about Lyra program to the different stakeholders and act as a champion for branding all our programs

Essential Qualifications: 

Preferred Education Qualification:
▪︎ Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems or any related field.

Required Experience and Competencies: 
▪︎ Experience with at least one coding language: HTML, C++, Python, PHP or similar
▪︎ Good facilitation skills, with the ability to motivate, direct and train people (mainly youth) and collaborate and interact with others effectively and productively
▪︎ Good analytical and quantitative skills with a strong attention to detail
▪︎ Excellent written and oral communication skills in both Swahili and English
▪︎ Commitment to excellence and ability to work both independently and in a collaborative environment
▪︎ Adaptability in dealing with change, delays or unexpected events to ensure general welfare of the DL program

Required Skills:
▪︎ ICT: includes but not limited to knowledge in hardware (maintenance, troubleshooting, configuration, installation, etc), software (application installation, troubleshooting, configuration, etc), networking (LAN, WiFi, Internet, etc), ICT Training and Support (User Training, Customer Support, Help Desk, etc), Coding Skills (software design, mobile apps design, HTML, JavaScript, C#, PHP, etc)
▪︎ Communication: Ability to prepare eye-catching reports, with figures and references. Excellent presentation and networking skills. Fluent in both English and Swahili

How To Apply

Applicants are invited to submit their details through this link:


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