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Names Called for Interview MTWARA at NEWALA District Council, June 2020


Newala District is one of the old colonial districts established in 1954 by the British Government under the Local Government Ordinance 1953 Cap. 333. After independence the Tanzanian Government adopted the colonial districts including Newala. As was the case with other local authorities in the country, between1961–1972 Newala district council failed to perform to the expected standards due to lack of qualified manpower, limited funds and lack or limited management skills. District councils were abolished in 1972 and replaced by ‘Madaraka Mikoani’ for a period of ten years between 1972– 1982. Newala district council was reinstated in 1982 under the Act of Parliament No. 7 of 1982.

The District has a total land area of 2,126 sq. kms whereby all area has been covered by dry land only. Newala District is the fourth largest district in the region by total area after Nanyumbu, Masasi and Mtwara District; it occupies about 12.7 percent of regional total area. Newala District Council is located in the southeast of Tanzania between longitude 39 o - 40o East and latitude 10o -11o south. It is bordered to the West by Masasi district, to the East by Tandahimba district, to the North by Lindi Region and to the South by the Ruvuma River which is also the boarder of the United Republic of Tanzania with the Republic of Mozambique.

To be a council which provide high quality services to all her stakeholders by 2022

To insist education, hard working and good governance as the means of providing high quality social services

To view the names called for interview, kindly click below 


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