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New Job Opportunity At Songea District Council, June 2020- Ajira360tz.com

Songea District Council is among the eight councils in Ruvuma Region. It was established by the local government act of 1982 and officiated by the Government on 1st January 1984. The name Songea comes from the name of the chief Songea who was the traditional leader of  Ngoni. The head quarter  of Songea District Council is situated in Peramiho ward in Lundusi village. 

The presence of the  99.21 percent of land area which is suitable for Agriculture, Grazing and Mining activities mark Songea District Council to have  a unique feature. This land played a dominant role in the people’s lives particularly on social and economic affairs. However; the rest 0.79 percent of the area is covered by water supporting fisheries and other activites. 

Geographically, the district shares border with Mbinga District Council and Mbinga Town Council to the west, Nyasa District Council to the south west, Republic of Mozambique to the south, Namtumbo District Council to the east, Songea Municipal Council to the north east and Madaba District Council to the north. In terms of international identification, the council lies between latitudes 10015’ and 11035’ south of the Equator and between longitudes 35010’ and 35052’30’’ east of Greenwich.


To view the job vacancy, kindly view the image below;

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