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New Job Vacancy Dar Es Salaam At TALGWU, June 2020- Ajira360tz.com


It is a Local Government Association of Tanzania registered under the Trade Unions Act of 1998, and given registration number 010 on 15/09/2000. TALGWU brings together all the staff under Local Government Authorities and other Institutions in the country where as of November 2018, the Association had 64,224 members.

TALGWU is affiliated with the Tanzania Trade Unions Association (TUCTA), the World Trade Union (PSI) and the Local Government Network of Africa (AMALGUN). Thus the trade union is a united, unified, and unified workforce whose goals, goals, aspirations and aspirations are the same.

Unity is the only pillar to provide solutions to their problems. TALGWU educates, protects, and protects the employment and remuneration of its members in accordance with laws, regulations, regulations, guidelines and various work documents.


To view the Description of this job kindly view the image below;

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