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New Jobs Opportunities DSM at Usalama wa Anga Saccos - Tanzania | June, 2020

About Usalama Wa Anga Saccos

Usalama wa Anga Saccos is a registered Credit and Savings Society under Cooperative Societies Act, 2003, with registration No. 5303. Its primary objective is to collect savings, shares and deposits for providing loans to its members; the following vacancy exists and needs to be filled by qualified, competent and committed personnel.

Dar es salaam is the largest city and former capital of Tanzania. It is the largest city in East Africa and the seventh-largest in Africa, with a population of 6,701,650. Located on the Swahili coast, Dar es-Salaam is an important economic centre and one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

It is the capital of the co-extensive Dar es-Salaam Region, which is one of Tanzania's 31 administrative regions and consists of five districts: Kinondoni in the north, Ilala in the centre, Ubungo and Temeke in the south and Kigamboni in the east across the Kurasini creek.

About the Position 

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