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New Employment Opportunities At Yapi Merkezi Company, June 2020- Ajira360tz.com

Yapı Merkezi Holding A.Ş. is a group company whose field of activity is mainly in construction industry. It is founded in 1965 by Ersin Arioglu and Koksal Anadol in Istanbul. Yapı Merkezi is constructing the fastest railway in East Africa. The first phase of the 1,224 km total line, the 202 km long Dar Es Salaam – Morogoro Railway Project, is the most critical part of the project. When the 5-part line is completed, it will connect Uganda, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania, and provide access to the Indian Ocean for all related countries.


The below are the positions needed to be filled at Yapi Merkezi Company.

1. Light Vehicle Driver (Automobile and pick-up)
2. Dump-truck Driver
3. Procurement Clerk 
4. Accounting Clerk/Assistant 
5. Translator (English-Swahili to Turkish) 
6. IT Clerk/Technician
7. Warehouse Clerk 
8. Insurance and Logistic Clerk 
9. Logistics Officer 
10. Loader Operator (Front Loader) 
11. Lowbed Truck Driver 
12. Paramedic 
13. Medical Doctor 
14. Vehicle Aircon Repairman 
15. Hi-up Operator 
16. Mini Bobcat Operator
17. Mini Excavator Operator
18. HSE Technician 
19. HSE Trainer 
20. Laboratory Technician 
21. QA/QC Technician 
22. Auto Electrician
23. Lifting Technician & Engineer
24. Generator Technician 
25. Road Roller Operator 
26. Graider Operator 
27. Excavator Operator
28. Dozer Operator 
29. Mobile Crane Operator 
30. Shuttering Carpenter (Form Worker)
31. Steel Fixer (Rebar Worker) 
32. Trailer Driver 
33. Tyreman
34. HSE Engineer 
35. Topographical Engineer
36. Blasting Engineer 
37. Topographical Operator 
38. Electrical Engineer 
39. Site Engineer(E!ectrical – Mechanical – Structural) 
40. Civil Engineer 
41. Backhoe Loader Operator 
42. Concrete Pump Operator 
43. Diesel Engine Mechanics and Maintainers 
44. Heavy Truck/Equipment Mechanics and Maintainers


How To Apply

Please send your applications to the email below;

Email: oac@ym.com.tr

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