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New Employment Opportunities At Zanzibar Pearl Boutique Hotel & Villas, June 2020- Ajira360tz.com

Zanzibar Pearl is located directly on the sea front with an amazing tropical garden. It's not just a place to visit, but home away from home. We focus in giving attention to every little thing, as no detail is too small to escape close attention.

Zanzibar Pearl has the longest beach front in Matemwe – 250 meters long with 24 rooms sitting on a 39000 sqm piece of land .



Location: Zanzibar Pearl Boutique Hotel & Villas, Matemwe Beach, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Reports to:  Managing Directors.

Managing all segments of the Hotel, including lodging/accommodation, food and beverages management, human resources, housekeeping, gardens as well as other guest services.  They will be in charge of employees,  customer service, quality control etc.

Job Duties:

Hotel Management
▪︎ Ensures the hotel is well managed and profitably run, its surroundings are neatly cleaned, secure and safe at all times.
▪︎ Keeps track of all bookings and works closely with Reservation Manager to ensure that the booing chart is well maintained and updated accordingly. 
▪︎ Liaises with Managing Director regarding purchase of supplies, materials, equipment, or other resources 
▪︎ Arranges for maintenance and repair of the buildings, equipment and other facilities.
▪︎ Ensures the Hotel is clean and well maintained at all times and to work closely with the MD to hire contractors to perform services, such as painting or plumbing when such services are needed. 
▪︎ Ensures that all supplies, from housekeeping materials to furniture, are in good condition and in stock. 
▪︎ Implements policies, processes, strategies, plans and procedures for the operation of the establishment.
▪︎ Prepares required paperwork pertaining to departmental functions by documenting organizational or operational procedures.
▪︎ Performs any other task as shall be assigned by MD from time to time.

Customer Service
▪︎ Ensures positive customer experiences by maintaining high-quality standards of the facility and remedying problems. 
▪︎ Conduct room, kitchen, and grounds inspections to make sure that they are all up to code. 
▪︎ Greet guests at arrival, create standards surveys, and find acceptable solutions to problems that may arise. 
▪︎ Receive and process e-mails, letters etc.
▪︎ To keep abreast of local happenings so as to book tours or recommend activities to guests unfamiliar with the area.
▪︎ Provide basic information to guests, visitors, or clients.
▪︎ Where applicable to coordinate functions or events for guests. 
▪︎ Ensures lodge is safe and secure at all times. 

Human Resources Responsibilities
▪︎ To train staff, and induct new staff members or trainees. 
▪︎ To maintain employee records and file reports regarding employee’s performance and effectiveness.
▪︎ In collaboration with the Managing Director to set goals for employees and organize their performance appraisal. 
▪︎ To manage departments, such as housekeeping, service, security, and front office personnel. 
▪︎ To schedule and lead staff meetings to regularly communicate with staff and to ensure that all departments are meeting the Lodge's standards.

Financial Responsibility. 
▪︎ Ensures all revenues from accommodation, bar sales, laundry etc. are collected.
▪︎ Ensures Fiscal receipts are issued for every transaction.
▪︎ Monitors payroll, customer billing, and expense accounts
▪︎ Facilitate the collection of payments for goods or services.
▪︎ Prepares the Hotel plan and budget 

For avoidance of doubt, the hotel Managing Couple is not responsible for handling cash or doing purchases rather; their role is purely supervisory. The Hotel Managing Couple is also not authorized to offer complementary stay except with the prior written approval of the Managing Director.

Required Qualifications: 
▪︎ A University degree or a diploma in Hotel Management with at least a four years position & industry experience.
▪︎ Able to work under pressure, flexible on working hours, able maximize the given budget.
▪︎ The ideal candidates should have a high level of integrity, Strong customer and employee communication skills, self-motivated and be highly-organized. Computer literacy is a must.
▪︎ The candidate must very consolidated, well-matched, be very fluent speaking and writing at least 3 different foreign languages, must hold valid passport and be prepared to relocate abroad.

How To Apply

Send your applications to  


Or you can apply through here also;



Location: Zanzibar Pearl Boutique Hotel & Villas, Matemwe Beach, Zanzibar, Tanzania

• To effectively manage the kitchen team to achieving the highest standard of food production.
• To control and manage the food cost in line with the budget, source ingredients in accordance with the company’s requirements.

Job duties:
▪︎ Plan Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner menus for the hotel.
▪︎ Schedule and coordinate the work of cooks and other kitchen employees to assure that food preparation is economical and technically correct and within budgeted costs
▪︎ Ensure that high standards of sanitation, cleanliness and safety are maintained throughout all kitchen areas at all times
▪︎ Develop standard recipes and techniques for food preparation and presentation which help to assure consistently high quality to minimize food costs, exercise portion control for all items served, assure excellent decoration of plates and excellent food presentation are done on standard basis.
▪︎ Periodically visit dining area when it is open to welcome clients
▪︎ To actively seek out customer comments and feedback in respect of the service through face to face contact during service times
▪︎ Be visible in the restaurant during service helping and supporting staff as well as communicating with customers
▪︎ To work with Management Team to agree actions following customer feedback.
▪︎ Promote and maintain good working relationship
▪︎ To ensure that the entire kitchen team are aware of their responsibilities in respect of health and safety in the workplace and minimum qualifications and train to work in a environment
▪︎ To ensure that the kitchen team comply with the policy on personal hygiene and uniform.
▪︎ To participate in training the new employees or trainees whenever needed.
▪︎ Attend, contribute and be involved with team and/or staff meetings.
▪︎ Be punctual and maintain a professional appearance and adhere to uniform policy. Carry out instructions when given by management and the head office.

Required Qualifications:
▪︎ Minimum 5 years certified experience in the same position and with same qualification
▪︎ Minimum 5 year certified experience in hotel restaurant 4 star and above
▪︎ Minimum 5 years experience in managing minimum 10 kitchen staff
▪︎ Certificates of services of previous employment are Mandatory

▪︎ Proactive in problem solving.
▪︎ Lead by example, setting the place and standards
▪︎ Be able to work on own initiatives to deal with problems and opportunities
▪︎ A flair and passion for food.

Working Pattern

The days and times of work will be on a rota basis over 7 days. Split shifts are required, dependent upon business needs. Requirement to work and outside of these hours is a regular feature, especially during high season

Please note; all duties and requirements stated are essential job functions. This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the staff occupying this position. Staff members may be required to perform other job-related duties by their supervisor.

How To Apply

Send your applications to  


Or you can apply through here also;

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