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5 Recent Graduate Application Letter Tips- Ajira360tz.com

As most graduates either From High School, College or University,  they're always aiming to be employed immediately when they finish thier studies. But when it comes to the real world of employment, some hindering factors such as experience (the biggest of them all), play a big part of the graduates not to  be employed. Hence making them to stop applying for their desired jobs. 

But have you asked yourself why other graduates are employed and suprisingly some of them even without finishing their studies yet. Well you can think of Luck, connections and all and you can be right in that aspect, but what if in other hand they follow the important tips of applying for jobs involving application letters and Cvs?. 

Now we Ajira360 Tanzania have prepared a short article of 5 tips to use or include when writing application letters if you are a graduate either from high school, College or University.


Read the tips below;

Paragraph 1: Introduce yourself briefly 

Start by introducing yourself to your potential employers in your application letter, just as you would if you were meeting them in person. Remember to cover the basics: your name, your academic qualifications, and what position you’re applying for. Apart from that, you can also mention how you discovered the job advertisement

Paragraph 2: Showcase the relevant aspects of your personality 

When applying for a job geared toward recent graduates, don’t worry about your lack of work experience. Instead, showcase your personality characteristics that make you an excellent match for the job. 

Think about all of your interests and skills, and find a way to tie them to the job you’re applying to.

If you’re applying for a job directly in your field of academic expertise, you can also explain what drew you to the field in the first place.

Paragraph 3: Highlight internship/ field or project work experience 

Next, write about your internship/ field  and project work experience. At this stage of your career, whether the experience is directly relevant to the job is irrelevant. 

The objective is to highlight skills highly desirable to the employer (e.g., your ability to work collaboratively, to solve problems, and to learn quickly on the job).

If you’re a Secondary/ High School graduate, you can also write about your volunteer experiences, recurring responsibilities at home, or even that one time where you helped out anywhere at a point in your life.

Paragraph 4: Explain why you’re a match for the job 

In this critical section, write about what excites you about the job. Be as specific as possible, you’ll have to edit and customize this section for each job that you apply to

This shows that you’re interested in the specific job you’re applying to, and not just any job.

Paragraph 5: Finish with a clear call to action 
Wrap up your application letter by strongly yet politely indicating that you wish to be interviewed, or push for a phone call to discuss the job opportunity further.


Dear [Mr./Ms.] [Manager’s Name], 

My name is Ally Mohammed, and I’m excited to apply for the position of Customer Service Assistant at the East Africa Foods Company.  I’m a recent graduate (November 2015) in Business Administration in Marketing from College of Business Education, and I’m eager to enter the workforce at your esteemed company. I meet all of the academic requirements mentioned in your job posting.

Growing up, I took a liking to serve customers at my Uncle's Shop, which led to me picking BA-M as my major. Apart from all the marketing  courses during my BA-M studies, I thoroughly enjoyed and excelled at the psychology courses, as the intersection of marketing and humanity (specifically, how people respond to and adapt to Product changes and behaviour) is a passion of mine. 

During my final year of university, I interned at Said Salim Bakhressa & Co., a Company  providing an array of Food Products. I worked on both the Marketing  and Customer Service side, promoting products to customers as well delivering to them.

What excites me most about this position is that the role involves extensive work with the marketing and customer service things. As a leader in combining service  and hospitality, working at your company would be a fortuitous coming together of passion, competence, and opportunity. 

I look forward to putting my knowledge and skills to use as a productive member of your customer service department, and learning from the best in the industry. In an interview, I’d love to discuss my short- and long-term career goals and how they align with the East Africa Food Company  vision. 

I await your call. 


Ally Mohammed

Note: This Cover letter example is for information purposes only. You can read other articles as well.

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