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Names Called For Interview At Mpwapwa District Council, July 2020- Ajira360tz.com

Mpwapwa is one of the six districts of Dodoma region. It is located at the Southwest end of Dodoma region, about 120 kms. from the regional headquarters. The district, however shares borders with Kilosa district in the eastern part, Kongwa district on the north, Kilolo on the south, while Chamwino district is located on the western side of the district. In-terms of international identification, the district lies between 06°00’ and 7°30’ south of the Equator and between 35045’ and 37000’ east of Greenwich.  The District has a total surface area of 7,379 sq. kms. of which most of the area is predominantly with spontaneous mountain chains especially in the southern and western parts with steep hills, ridges, valleys and escarpments.

Mpwapwa District has 4 Divisions namely Mpwapwa, Mima, Kibakwe and Rudi. It has a total number of 30 wards 93 Villages and 490 sub-villages.


Mpwapwa District Council executive has announced various names that have been called for interview scheduled to take place on 13th -14 th July 2020.

To view the names click below;


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