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New Government Jobs At Tarime District Council, July 2020- Ajira360tz.com

Tarime District Council was officially established on 1st January, 1984 under provision of section 8 and 9 of the Local Government (District Authorities) Act of 1982. Tarime district council like any other Councils in Tanzania, operates with statutory powers and in line with legislation and regulations enacted by the parliament under the Local Government Act No. 7 of 1982. The Council is given wide-range of functions which includes: (i) To maintain and facilitate the maintenance of peace, order and good governance in their area of jurisdiction, (ii) To promote the social welfare and economic well-being of all persons within its area of jurisdiction; (iii) Subject to the national policy and plans for the rural and urban development and to further the social and economic development of its area of jurisdiction.


Tarime District Council Executive has announced certain job positions as shown in the documents below;

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