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WTP Operator At Mohamed Enterprises Limited (METL), July 2020- Ajira360tz.com

METL Group is Tanzania's largest home-grown company, worth more than $1 billion with a presence in 11 countries in Africa, such as Uganda, Ethiopia Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, DR Congo and ofcourse Tanzania. From providing logistic services to manufacturing products and brands that people love, METL group helps growth in the African Market and beyond. We have the best available talent, and are consistently investing in our people and our infrastructure


Location - Mbeya

Job Description
Operate water treatment plant which includes:
▪︎ Monitoring of gauges, flowmeters, charts, system control computer, etc.
▪︎ Conducting water analysis tests such as hardness, alkalinity, PH, turbidity, chlorine residual, etc., for treatment process control.
▪︎ Determine chemical feed rates and adjust chemical dosages with approval of QAM /Shift in charge QA.
▪︎ Determine and maintain proper flow rates and in accordance with water consumption demand.
▪︎ Maintain treatment records in accordance with MeTL standards.
▪︎ Backwash filters as needed.
▪︎ Conduct water analysis tests to ensure safety and water quality by collecting representative water samples and testing for contaminants and properties such as color, odor, chlorine levels, etc.
▪︎ Ensures that plant operations are in compliance with operating guidelines and that treated water is safe and acceptable entering the distribution system.
▪︎ Maintains all required records such as operating logs, chemical and repair part inventories, maintenance logs; distributes information to QAM /Shift in charge QA.
▪︎ Performs routine preventive maintenance on plant equipment to include: operating adjustments and Calibrations on equipment, basic mechanical and electrical work and cleaning, lubricating and replacing equipment parts.
▪︎ Maintain the Dodge pre-treatment chlorination facility including routine maintenance, calibration of chemical injection equipment and adjusting chemical feed rates.
▪︎ Collect water samples to monitor and analyze residuals for disinfection when needed. 

▪︎ Essential:  ITI / Equivalent
▪︎ Desirable: ITI / Equivalent
▪︎ Experience Essential: 2-3 Yrs
▪︎ Desirable: 2-3 Yrs. in process room operation
▪︎ Computer Literacy: yes
▪︎ Special exposure required, if any: Should be from beverage industry -CSD
▪︎Knowledge required: CLITA, Operation, Maintenance, CIP
▪︎Skills required: problem solving, planning, documentation

How To Apply

Any Interested candidates can contact us on the contact details mentioned below. We will review the applications and if found suitable, will get back to you

Golden Jubilee Towers, Ohio Street, 20th Floor Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  P.O.Box 20660,  Dar Es Salaam,


Email: Recruitment@metl.net and recruitment@metl.net

Only qualified candidates will be contacted.

METL Company group is equal opportunity employer and hence encourage special challenged and female to apply.

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